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"How To Become A Good Dancer"


The System of teaching on our tapes makes the learning process easy. The System is Progressive and Interrelated. Step patterns continue to build from the previous ones and most of them can be transferred from one dance to another in our Become a Good dancer Series.


We cover fifteen patterns in this video and have divided them into three sections of five patterns each. We start in Section One with a review of the basics and build a strong foundation which makes it easier for you to learn the more advanced sections Two and Three.


Enjoy your Dancing!




BRONZE STANDARD (Basic/Intermediate)


Section 1

  1. Basic Step

  2. Open Break

  3. Fifth Position Breaks

  4. Open Break & U. Turn

  5. Spanish Drag


Section 2

  6. Cross Body Lead

  7. Left Side Pass

  8. Right Side (Loop) Pass

  9. Spot Turn

10. Cross Body Lead to Fan


Section 3

11. Right Side Pass to Fan

12. Adios to Man's Wrap

13. Surprise Break

14. Spot Turn to Fan

15.Snap Cuddle to Fencing Line



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Toll Free  1-800-443-5641


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"How to Become

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