Argentine Tango

The Argentine Tango is the most exotic and passionate of all dances. The Argentine Tango is characterized by intricate leg actions, walking steps and turning figures.  Also known as the dancer's dance, the Argentine Tango develops spontaneity of movement, communication and expression between the leader and the follower. Tango dancers enjoy excellent improvisational skills, as well as as a deep sense of musicality.


The Argentine Tango enjoys tremendous international popularity. Broadway caliber shows are always playing in major cities. There are thousands of Argentine Tango clubs around the world where community dancers get together on a regular basis, and where traveling Tango dancers are always welcome.


Learning to dance Argentine Tango comes with a warning - "Caution... addictive"



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The System of teaching on our tapes makes the learning process easy. The System is Progressive and Interrelated. Step patterns continue to build from the previous ones and most of them can be transferred from one dance to another in our Become a Good dancer Series.


We cover fifteen patterns in this video and have divided them into three sections of five patterns each. We start in Section One with a review of the basics and build a strong foundation which makes it easier for you to learn the more advanced sections Two and Three.


Enjoy your Dancing!



Music on this video provided by

Internationally Acclaimed

"Color Tango Orchestra"

from Buenos Aires, Argentina










Section 1

1) Eight Count Basic

2) Lady’s Forward Ocho

3) The Craddle (Rocks)

4) Caminata (Walks)

5) Double Ocho With Catch


Section 2

 6) Lady’s Back Ocho

 7) Cross Basic

 8) Giros To Right

 9) Giros To Left

10) Lady’s Boleo


Section 3

11) Lady’s Gancho

12) Parada With Arrastre

13) Man’s Closed Side Walks

14) Medio Giro To Right

15) Giro to Right with Sacadas



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